Medical Hair Loss

Having experienced alopecia is what led Linda to create natural hair enhancements.

“For many, hair loss is an injury to the core self-- the part which feels secure, safe and protected. When the boundary is broken, the results are deep and profound. Thankfully, using a beautiful hairpiece not only assists in healing the injury, it often paves the way to a more fruitful life.”

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY has formed a unique collaboration with the American Cancer Society where she volunteers a portion of her time to cutting, styling and customizing wigs for those with cancer. She also volunteers at City of Hope preparing wigs for children with cancer.

Home Visits

We offer home visits to accommodate those not feeling their best. Your First Visit may be done in the comfort of your own home where we conduct cap fitting, selection of cap design, hair color, texture, and length. Please visit Your First Visit for more info.


Most types of medical hair loss which may be covered by insurance are:

Alopecia Hair Loss Thyroid Related Hair Loss Kidney Related Hair Loss
Cancer Related Hair Loss Trichotillomania Radiation Related Hair Loss
Medical Hair Loss due to: genetics, stress reaction to medical illness, life and environmental changes, aging, thinning, and/or balding.
You may be eligible to receive coverage from your health insurance company.
The sales form needs to be written as: “Cranial Prosthesis”. Coverage depends on your insurance plan.
You will need: pictures of your hair loss, a Px and letter from your doctor summarizing your hair loss.
Your cranial prosthesis often is a tax-deductible medical expense.
We offer Care Credit to assist in paying for your cranial prosthesis.